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Feedback: Forum appearance

#1 · Posted: 9 Feb 2012 00:47
I just wanted to mention that ever since I first discovered this website in 2005, I really loved the clean design. The forums have a classic, minimalist feel without the usual clutter of many places I've visited on the Internet. It really makes for a great browsing/community experience :)
#2 · Posted: 9 Feb 2012 15:08
Thank you, Brianna, that’s very kind.

All credit must go to the tireless efforts of Irene, our generous host and Site Admin!
#3 · Posted: 6 Mar 2012 00:19
I must say that I agree. This is a wonderful website, with no annoying advertisements poping up every second. Thank you!
#4 · Posted: 8 Jul 2012 03:07
Well, the classic minimalist feel can sometimes bore some people (including me). Perhaps because this kind of look can be both cool and boring at the same time. But one thing I notice from this kind of look, which makes as its advantage, is that this website loads quickly even at slow internet speed. I know that sounds rather unrelated but that is what I like most from the appearance.
#5 · Posted: 23 Aug 2014 08:26
I've been a guest since the start but only just became a member. the minimalist look is a massive advantage, like the fact that there are not loads of flashy graphics on here.
Easy to use easy to navigate it's certainly gets an A from me.
The retro look appeals greatly.

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