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Feedback: Lack of content for Tintin memorabilia collectors

#1 · Posted: 23 Jun 2016 13:02
This is purely my opinion.

I only discovered this webpage recently after I started collecting Tintin memorabilia. I am surprised by the lack of useful information from a collectors point of view. Personally I would like to see a database with photos and descriptions of all official memorabilia. Also a list of release dates, publishers, languages and ISBN numbers of all the different variations of the books. Surely most people who subscribe to this webpage would only be willing to help with information? Obviously a time consuming hunt around the web would probably provide the information I need but it would be nice to have it all in one place

Like I said, just my opinion.
#2 · Posted: 23 Jun 2016 15:16
Hi, Brett!

Thank you for your thoughts.
It would indeed be great to have all this information that you suggest, but how would you propose that we gather, collate, edit and present it...?

Somebody would have to provide the "time-consuming hunt around the web" you have identified at the heart of the research (although this would only be a start: you'd have to gain permission in many cases to use the material you have researched, especially the photos, plus there would have to be lots of physical, real world research, looking at reference material (if you can find it). Then there would be the indexing of it all (so that it could be searched through), the writing and editing of descriptions, and creation of timelines for it all. No mean feat. It takes up all the time of those involved to provide what we do; it would need far more in time and resources to do more.

If you are volunteering to undertake the project, then thank you very much, I am sure that Admin will be very grateful for your contribution.

However, it would appear that you actually want someone else to do this; personally I am not in a position myself to do this - I have neither the time, the expertise ("all official memorabilia" covers eighty-something years across continents) nor frankly the inclination or interest in the subject (I have little memorabilia myself, beyond books and a few posters, certainly nothing I could deem to be a collection).

However, it would be - I am sure - a great resource for collectors, and you yourself are a collector, so perhaps if you were to go about gleaning the information, Admin might be interested? It may be beyond the scope of what can actually be handled (housing all that data and making it available on the web (hosting, etc.) would not be without need of technical resources, and would need funding - Admin provides that all out of her own pocket, so it may not be within budget), but I'm sure it could be at least considered.

If not, you would be well on the road to having your own useful Tintin memorabilia site, and I'm sure many fans would be most grateful to you for doing so.

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