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Tintinologist.org forums turning lonely?

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#11 · Posted: 10 Apr 2019 19:26
The number is awfully small, I'm afraid.

Sorry to disappoint - but we have never sought big numbers, just people with a level of knowledge and interest who are willing to share. There are always people who lurk, and they will always be welcome too, plus we have Facebook and Twitter now as well, so the focus is not as heavily on the forums as it once was.
#12 · Posted: 12 Apr 2019 11:29
Long time no see, fellow Tintinophiles!

Myself, like many others have always been here lurking, checking up etc. Me personally for over 15 years.

I really understand your sentiment. Let's be honest, Moulinsart have shot themselves in the foot. For a site dedicated to artwork that cannot often use that artwork on said site, is a real pity. Tintinologist is hindered in that regard and it is a shame, by no fault of their own, because they are in a conundrum.

We are limited to Look at page 6 frame number 4, third from the top! for example. This is such a hassle that could be alleviated with a simple imgur link or something if the proprietors weren't so overly stingy. Again, these are rules imposed by Moulinsart, which this site has no other choice but to abide by.

I wish we could be more like a library and freely share and enjoy the master Herge's work.

But all we have are these text based communications. Which, are obviously limited.

I'd wager forward thinking Georges Remi wouldn't be too happy about this state of affairs.

Back in the day on this forum, there were a lot of interesting conversations about the books. This was before the movie came out by the way. And we are all dissappointed about how long it's taking for the next movie to get off the ground, too btw. But the issue is with the site itself and the limits imposed by Moulinsart that this site has to deal with.

While there were a lot of interesting contributions before, and there are still some now mind you, due to legal constraints and a lack of organization, it seems, now it is a mishmash of who's your favorite character, what's your favorite book and my pet peeve, I have this item for sale, how much will it go for?

Fair enough, Moulinsart won't change their tune.
In that case, I propose, if we are limited to text based coms, let's make this a more categorized, organized site.

Let's make this site into an encyclopedia of sorts if need be, with sections divided into Herge's biography and private life, his craft and techniques, individual book analysis, media, and sigh, merchandise, etc.

Don't even get me started on Facebook et al.

We all love Tintin. Thank you mods for keeping the site alive.
#13 · Posted: 13 Apr 2019 16:08
We all love Tintin. Thank you mods for keeping the site alive.

But let's not forget all the other members. Without us, there would be no site to keep alive.
#14 · Posted: 13 Apr 2019 23:15
Without us, there would be no site to keep alive.

Without Irene there would be no site. Period.

Before this thread skews too far off the track, I would just like to restate something that has been stated before, that the team behind Tintinologist don't feel hindered, or impeded or threatened in any way by upholding, and adhering to, copyright law; respecting the use of the works of others is just right and fair.

Several of our members and contributors depend upon copyright protection for the continuation of their livelihoods, so it is important to respect that, and remember that it is something which looks after both big and small.

Historically there was an incident with a past incarnation of the site, under a different name, which led to it being shut down for allowing a fan-fiction element to develop in its content.

Since that time, we have been reborn, and under Irene's stewardship we have gone from strength-to-strength without incident, and we have had not been subject to any restrictions, other than those which we impose upon ourselves.

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