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[Resolved] Help: user ranking

#1 · Posted: 16 Apr 2004 03:47
How do we get "promoted" to a new rank?
#2 · Posted: 18 Apr 2004 04:03
Short answer: you don't.

Long-winded answer: no user ranking system is employed here because we feel a ranking system based on post count may encourage some to try to increase their post count by flooding the forums with pointless posts. It is quality, not quantity, we value here.

'Member' is the default 'title' (not ranking) for all reigstered users, and 'Moderator' is the default title for members of the moderating team. Other members of the Tintinologist.org crew can be identified by their official titles (e.g. Sweden Correspondent).
#3 · Posted: 18 Apr 2004 06:24
... And quality over quantity is what it should always be, in all forums. Thanks, Admin!

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