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#1 · Posted: 1 Apr 2005 00:38
Welcome to the forum! Before making your post, please consider these points:

Please search before posting
The forum is home to large number of very learned Tintinophiles, so it is quite likely that your point has already been made. If you do a little reading around the site first or use the forums "search" function, you might just find what you are looking for.

Please stay on-topic
We appreciate that all good discussions by their nature are likely to stray from the point. But be aware that veering off-topic makes it harder for other members to participate in the original discussion. If you feel you have a good point to make that is unrelated to the original discussion, please start a new thread. We may delete individual posts that could ruin a good topic thread.

Please respect the rules
Please familiarize yourself with our user guide. It contains our rules and information on how to use the forum.

Please be constructive
Please try to keep your posts as constructive as possible. The forum requires more reading than anything else. Treat your fellow forum members with respect, and think before you post!

Please refrain from flooding the forums
Please be considerate and give other members a chance to keep up with and take part in discussions.
Also, please refrain from making low-content (e.g. "I agree/disagree!", or "I know/don't know!", or "Thanks!") posts that add little value to the discussion.

Please refrain from post padding
Please avoid the practice of posting multiple replies in a short timeframe one after another in a single thread. If you need to quote multiple people in the same post, you can


a) highlight sections of each post in the thread view and click "Quote", to build up a draft reply containing the post sections you are responding to,


b) open up multiple reply pages in multiple browser tabs/windows, type up your replies, then copy and paste them all into a single reply page. (For an example of what your reply should look like, see the Moderator notes in this post.)

Please refrain from reviving old topics unless you have something really important to add
If a thread has not had a reply in over a month, it is probably best to let it rest.

For the most part all we ask is that you enjoy the forum!
- The Happy Tintinologist.org Forums Moderation Team

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