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Help: 500 members - but not quite counting!

#1 · Posted: 4 Jun 2005 18:07
At a tangent to my other thread about the 500, I just realised that the page counter (the row of digits which allows you to navigate the membership list) has stalled at 40, although you can still get the further pages by manually entering in the url line. When you go to the later pages you just get <<.1…

I’ve checked in Safari and IE, and it is the same in both, at least on the Mac, so I don’t think it’s a browser related fault.
#2 · Posted: 5 Jun 2005 14:04
Thanks for reporting the problem with the page counter, Simon. The counter stalled only because I had set the page count limit to 40 which is probably more than enough for threads but, as you have discovered, not enough for our ever-expanding membership list!

The page count limit is now set to a much higher number. :-)

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