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Prisoners of the Sun: "Tintin in Peru" exhibition heads to Quebec

#1 · Posted: 15 Feb 2006 11:31
Following from the announcement about the Parisian exhibition honouring Hergé, I see that the official tintin.com site has said that the Tintin in Peru exhibition is travelling to Quebec. It's getting a good long run too - from October 26th, 2006 to January 6th, 2008.

This is fantastic news, as even if it is only half as good as when it was on in Brussels it is an un-missable opportunity to look at the art and artifacts for the Crystal Balls and Prisoners stories - in the unedited, landscape format at that!
#2 · Posted: 2 Mar 2007 07:18
Suzanne La Rue, a Tintin fan, recently wrote to tell us how much she had enjoyed the Au Peru avec Tintin (In Peru with Tintin) exhibition held at the Musee de la Civilisation in Quebec City. According to Suzanne, the Exhibition ties in with an anthropological exhibition on Peru with information on Hergé and The Seven Crystal Balls. On show are some of Hergé's research notes, pencil sketches, many ink boards, plus the complete original publication in the Tintin magazine on display throughout.
As already mentioned by jock123, Au Peru avec Tintin is on until 8 Jan 2008.
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#3 · Posted: 2 Mar 2007 15:30
Oooo, this sounds awesome, and it's finally within striking distance of where I live! I think I'll see if I can check this out.

Thanks for the heads up!

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