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Tintin in Lithuanian

#1 · Posted: 5 Dec 2006 18:43
They will come out in January or February 2007. The publisher will starting with 2 titles: The Blue Lotus and the Cigars of the Pharaoh

Publisher : Alma littera Ltd
A. Juozapaviciaus Str. 6/2
LT-09310 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. + 370 5 2787 219 - Fax: + 370 5 272 8026

You can buy books through our book club www.knyguklubas.lt Contact them at info[at]knyguklubas.lt
#2 · Posted: 17 Dec 2006 18:25
Lithuanian eh? Only former Soviet country I have been to. I may just order them, even though I do not speak Lithuanian...
#3 · Posted: 21 May 2007 21:48
I have ordered these and they've just arrived! Tentenas ir Milu rather than Tintin and Snowy. Ideal for practising your Lithuanian...

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