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New Tintin mural and train dedicated at Brussels international station

#1 · Posted: 17 Jan 2007 12:39
A large mural, depicting Tintin on the engine of a steam-train, taken from the original art of the black and white edition of Tintin in America was unveiled on Monday at the international rail-terminal in Brussels, as part of the on-going centenary celebrations.
It is accompanied by a panel showing the frame in situ in the album, and information about the image. It is interesting that they have taken the frame from the artwork, as they have faithfully reproduced the corrections made in white gouache by Hergé, which stand out against the slightly creamier background.
In addition, a Thalys train (the international service operated by the Belgian, French, Dutch and German railways) has been liveried in Hergé themed images, including Tintin apparently leaning from the driver’s cab window over Hergé’s signature.

Both should be sights to see!
#2 · Posted: 17 Jan 2007 19:33
Here is a report in the press about it, with a few pics:

#3 · Posted: 26 Mar 2007 11:01
Pretty Interesting on the train. Your post inspired me to do a boat called 'Sirius'. You know the Sirius, Captain Chester was captain on that ship. I want to this as a tribute to Herge and Tintin. What will I do with it? I'm going to race it in a national competition. Who's onboard? Tintin and Snowy, of course.

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#4 · Posted: 26 Mar 2007 19:57
Isn't there already a Tintin mural at one of the subway stations?

#5 · Posted: 30 Mar 2007 19:05
Just type:

Stockel Tintin

into google - Stockel is the Metro station in Brussels you must be thinking about...

Here is a big picture of part of it:

http://k43.pbase.com/u35/kp_041/large/22798972.MetroStockeldcorarionTi ntin.jpg

Credited to (Studio Herge, 1988)

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