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Michael Farr interview on the eve of Tintin's 79th birthday

Bashi bazouks
#1 · Posted: 9 Jan 2008 08:34
Michael Farr was interviewed on New Zealand radio today. He talked about Tintin and Herge of course but said some interesting things about Herge being at the forefront of the development of the standards for modern comics (in Europe at least) and using the burgeoning cinema language to tell a story on the page.
I hadn't recognised the parallels of the early books with cinema from the same era. It gives me a something new to think about when I re-read the early books.
Here is the link to the online audio of the interview.
#2 · Posted: 9 Jan 2008 18:25
Excellent! Thank goodness for you Michael, and looking forward to hearing more from you on British Radio and TV.
King Ottokar of Syldavia
#3 · Posted: 9 Jan 2008 22:20
That was quite an interesting interview. It is a shame there has been no publicity for Tintin's birthday in Australia.
#4 · Posted: 10 Jan 2008 00:06
Yes, King Ottokar. Especially since Tintin is so big here in Australia.
cigars of the beeper
#5 · Posted: 12 Jan 2008 19:03
It sounded like an interesting program, but I hardly heard any of it, thanks to dial-up internet.

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