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Happy Birthday!: 22nd May 1907 - Hergé

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#11 · Posted: 17 May 2009 14:17
Happy Hergé day!!!!! Born May 22nd, 1907
Harrock n roll
#12 · Posted: 22 May 2009 09:43
Happy birthday Hergé.

Honourable mention should also go to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, born 150 years ago today.
#13 · Posted: 22 May 2009 12:07
Yes, happy birthday to Hergé (and Sir ACD)!

It's not just Hergé's and Sir Arthur's birthdays, by the way!

I see it's also the anniversary of the first (editorial) cartoon to win a Pulitzer prize, back in 1922. This was called On the Road to Moscow, by Rollin Kirby (no relation to Jack, as far as I can tell).

I mention it because it is an example of another cartoonist's view of the Russian situation, in a less humorous vein than Hergé's Land of the Soviets only a few years later.
#14 · Posted: 22 May 2009 12:49
Happy birthday!

Another birthday boy is Steven Patrick Morrissey, 50 today.
cigars of the beeper
#15 · Posted: 22 May 2009 14:08
Harrock n roll:
Honourable mention should also go to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, born 150 years ago today.

Hey! that's cool! Happy Birthday to Hergé and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!
I see that today is the anniversary of the first (editorial) cartoon to win a Pulitzer prize

That's interesting. Thanks, Jock!
I think I'll go directly over to wikipedia and see who else has a birthday on May 22. If there are any good ones, I'll report back.

Notable birth: Richard Wagner in 1813

Notable death: Emperor Constantine the Great in 337
#16 · Posted: 23 May 2009 05:52
Happy Birthday, Hergé!
Abhishek Ghosh
#17 · Posted: 20 May 2010 15:01
What are you all going to do in memory of Hergé on his 103rd birthday?
Make a crazy fan comic book,eh?
Rianna Lauren
#18 · Posted: 25 Jun 2010 12:33
Ah! Missed it. Dx
We shall not forget next year!!
#19 · Posted: 25 Jun 2010 19:30
I remember it because it's also my Brother's birthday.

Moderator Note: To avoid this becoming an all-year round thing of people saying they have or haven't remembered Hergé's birthday, could we please limit posts here to perhaps a week either side of the event?
Many thanks!

The Happy Birthday Tintintologist Team
#20 · Posted: 22 May 2012 10:52
Today would have been Hergé's 105th birthday - many happy returns, M. Remi!

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