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Small Tintin homage in Indiana Jones?

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#31 · Posted: 20 Jan 2021 19:34 · Edited by: mark1
Let me mention some correspondences between scenes and structure. Naturally, these are not direct copies or imitations, but notable. Choose your word: "inspired" or "influenced".
I think Indiana movies constantly refer to Tintin's some adventures in a peculiar way. They reflect "the mirror image" of Tintin comics in a collage.
Consider the geographical direction of  "Cigars of the Pharaoh" and the "Blue Lotus." (1932-1935). First Egypt, next India, then China (Shanghai). Tintin encounters with Chang at China. Indiana Jones arrives on the scene in Egypt (Raiders of the Lost Ark), moves to Shanghai at the beginning of the second movie (Temple of Doom) and immediately returns to India. And we have "Shorty", a Chinese boy,  in the great escape scene (I think this is not a shy reference to "Snowy".) He plays an important role in the rest of the movie.
Consider also these  scenes (you'll see a mixed and reverse interpretation).
"Cigars of the Pharaoh", part 2: from 20: 35 - "Raiders of the Lost Ark": 39.30 - 40.30: Tintin running - Indiana Jones running and chasing. Just smell the atmosphere and laugh to jokes!. You can also see the evil twins of Thompsons / Duponts with their hats in the movie. Tintin escapes via plane in this scene, very similar to the opening scene of "The Lost Ark" (already mentioned)
Compare the famous Hitler-Indiana scene from the "Last Crusade" (from 01. 09. 55)  with "Blue Lotus", part 2 (from 04.35): Indiana Jones in his own identity encounters with the man, Tintin in disguise acts as a "general".

Before this scene in the movie: Indiana and late Connery ride a German military motorcycle for two persons and escape from Nazis temporarily ("Last Crusade", from 01.03.15).
After the "general" scene in Tintin: Tintin escapes with a bicycle, Chinese soldiers pursue him with the same military motorcycle (Blue Lotus, part 2: from 06: 15)

In this tight context, compare also Tintin's and Indiana's troubled landing to India with a plane: ("Cigars of the Pharaoh", part 2: from 03.24; "Temple of Doom", from 15: 30)

There are some web rumours about a deleted scene from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", which shows a Sallah with a camel. That's Haddock and Lama of course, but it needs to be checked. 

I think one can observe other examples within the context of "The Broken Ear" and "The Seven Crystal Balls-Prisoners of the Sun".


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