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Belgian National Day celebrations in Melbourne

#1 · Posted: 4 Jul 2008 11:37
The Eureka Belgian Beer Cafe in Melbourne at Southbank is hosting Belgian National Day celebrations on 19 & 20 July 2008. They are presenting a range of Belgian icons including Tintin books, DVDs and some official merchandise not seen before in Australia.
#2 · Posted: 4 Jul 2008 13:31
That's awesome! Pity I can't get there (live in South Australia and busy).
Are you planning on going?
#3 · Posted: 4 Jul 2008 13:42
Hi Tintinrulz - yep, I will be going. I will also be posting an introduction on the members forum shortly as I will be distributing official Tintin merchandise throughout Australia via our web based business - stay tuned
#4 · Posted: 9 Jul 2008 02:04
Dear all - here is an update for those of you thinking of coming along ..

CELEBRATE BELGIAN NATIONAL DAY AT Belgian Beer Cafe EUREKA, Southbank, Melbourne
Belgium- birthplace of the Smurfs, TINTIN, pigeon racing and Jean Claude Van Damme- celebrates its national quirks every July, displaying the red, yellow and black flag throughout street festivals and other local event.

Belgian Beer Cafe Eureka invites you to join in the National Belgian Day festivities on Saturday July 19th and Sunday July 20th, encompassing a range of Belgian delights and indulgences.


Learn the intricacies of the 9-step Belgian beer pouring method and pour your own authentic beer
Taste 10 different Belgian beer varieties, with BeerFood to match
Enjoy a tradional Belgian Waffle
Just $35 per person
12.00- 6.00pm Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th July
Numbers limited- Bookings essential! 9690 5777

Belgian Mussel pots in 6 different styles
Callebaut Belgian chocolate fountain
Waffle Stand
Authentic Belgian dishes

Exhibition of Smurf and TINTIN comics, posters and figurines as well as cartoon footage
Adolphe Sax tribute
Belgian puppet shows all weekend from local puppeteer Michael Bevitt
Live band Dave Rex Trio, performing on Sunday 20th July between 3-6pm, with tribute to Belgian's own Adolphe Sax.
The Belgian Beer Cafe Eureka, at Southbank celebrates National Belgian Day every July, aiming to educate Melbourne residents as to the unique Belgian culture. Dont miss it!

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