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King Ottokar's Sceptre: Is the Eagle publication the earliest?

#1 · Posted: 15 Jul 2008 18:53
King Ottokar's Sceptre was published in 1951-52 by Eagle, Britain's national strip cartoon weekly.

Can someone help me with following questions :
- What was the name of Tintin's dog in this publication ? (Snowy, Bobby, Milou?)
- Do they used the name of Tintin or does he have another name in this publication?
- Which were the names of the other characters (Haddock, Dupondt, Castafiore ?)
- Do they mention some were the name of the English translator of this story?
- What was the exact publication period (Dates)
- Does anyone knows other English translations, besides those from Methuen or Casterman (1952)?
Harrock n roll
#2 · Posted: 15 Jul 2008 19:43
Hi Sponsz,

1) The dog is called Milou in this publication.
2) He is called Tintin (and occasionally Tin Tin).
3) Haddock doesn't appear in King Ottokar's Sceptre, but he is called Haddock in the Casterman translation of Unicorn and Rackham. The Dupondts are called Thompson and Thomson, Castafiore is Castafiore. I believe all of the other names are the same as they are in the original French.
4) The translator is (as yet) unknown.
5) I don't have the exact publication dates to hand I'm afraid.
6) Apart from the Golden Press translation (American), I'm not aware of any others.

Hope that helps!
#3 · Posted: 30 Sep 2010 21:55
Harrock n roll
Hey do you have all the Golden Press edition books,the Casterman editions and the Eagle one also, cause you seem to have quite a lot of knowledge regarding these early edition books.
#4 · Posted: 1 Oct 2010 20:55
According to one of Michael Farr's books the early translations were done by a Belgian interpreter.
#5 · Posted: 22 Jun 2020 12:31
I know it's been ten years since this post was commented on, but for anyone who comes across it, I can answer question 5. The Eagle serialisation of King Ottokar's Sceptre ran over 40 issues from 3rd August 1951 to 2nd May 1952 (Eagle volume 2 issue 17 to volume 3 issue 4).
The story is unnamed in Eagle.
It didn't receive its title until the 1958 Methuen publication.
The story is also abridged in Eagle. The scene where Snowy steals a dinosaur bone was removed, for example.

An update to question 6: A few years ago (2016 I think?) new digital versions of Tintin became available on iOS and Android. These have completely new translations by Michael Farr.

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