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Tintin news in Indonesia ... lately ...

#1 · Posted: 3 Jun 2009 08:47
Just want to share the news....

Perhaps some of you don't know that after more than 30 years, since the initial release of The Black Island in Indonesia (1975), PT. Indira is no longer the Indonesian Tintin publisher. The relationship ended in late 2006, after releasing 23 titles from Soviet to Picaros, with Congo b/w, and without Alph-Art. All in standard facsimile edition size.

Since late 2007 (or early 2008 I forgot) PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama (GPU) now is the publisher. GPU is a huge publishing company since early 1970s, and also has a graphic novel division. They have published V For Vendetta, Age of Bronze, Marjane Satrapi's Embroideries, The Quitter, etc. Now Tintin become part of the family.

All 24 Tintin titles have been published, including Alph Art & Congo in colour, in compact format. Similar with the compact 3 (or 4)-in-1 series.

At first everyone, even GPU and Indonesian Tintin Community (Tintin_Id), had no high expectations for the sales. However....ever since Soviet, these compact versions were a major hit. It became best sellers in no time, and some titles are already in their 3rd printing. Many media covered the success, and all of us who were involved were more than just happy.


Now recently...

Tintin_Id and GPU participated in World Book Day 2009 in Jakarta. WBD is an international event, to promote reading/ literature culture among the society (especially youngsters). This year the event took place in the prestigious Mandiri Museum, a-19th century building, back from the Dutch colonial era.

The first day (May 10th) we made was Adventure with Tintin for Kids. It was an inhouse event actually, with games, talkshow, and story telling. There were two storytelling that day. First was a chapter from The Shooting Star, by a 12 year-old girl. Alone she acted as Tintin, with so many tools and properties, including a Snowy doll. The second was a chapter of Castafiore's Emerald, by two adults. The woman played Castafiore, and the man played Tintin. These two were actual theater actors and they were very convincing and entertaining. Including seriosa-like singing, and pantomime. As for the games and talkshow, all kids participated and it was a beautiful scene, seeing these kids were the next generation of Tintin readers.

The second day (May 16th and 17th) was the closing events. Joining hundreds of other book communities, Tintin_Id made a booth filled with so many Tintin stuffs. The objective of having this booth was to deliver the message that Tintin books have good morale values, adventures, humour, friendship, and more than those...the gate to see new worlds and new civilazation (now I speak like Jean Luc Picard....). It was fun to see so many kids were delighted to know more about Tintin. I can still remember their shining eyes, when looking to so many Tintin cars, tshirts, pictures, books, stamps, rockets, keychains, etc. They didn't know these stuffs existed.


Later this month, June 27th 2009, Tintin_Id will campaign Go Green to Jakarta society. It was a monthly event by Go Green Indonesia, and for this month Tintin_Id members will join this program. We will ride a gas-engine bus, to the public park (to hear and see the wild birds, with a Historian as our guide) and then go to several museums in town. This will be a half-day event. In the end we will make jam comic strip about environment. We will make an environment theme, then someone will draw a panel on a very large sheet of paper. Then everyone, simutanously, will continue drawing a comic strip on the nest panel. Everyone will draw anything they have in mind, continuing what the previous person have drawn on his/ her panel. After the last person finishes the last panel, then we will have a complete story, which of course will be unique, as it may be a ridicilous story. But it doesn't matter. The objective of this comic jam strip is so everyone is involved in the making. This drawings will be displayed in Go Green h/q and will be at environment events.

see you around folks....

Surjorimba Suroto
#2 · Posted: 3 Jun 2009 11:55
Sounds like a lot of fun

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