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Tintin exhibition: The Adventures of Tintin at Sea

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UK Correspondent
#1 · Posted: 16 Feb 2004 23:13
To accompany the exhibition 'The Adventures of Tintin at Sea', to be held at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, a book is to be published on the 31st of March. Amazon.co.uk prices it at £7.69 (List Price £10.99); it's a paperback and written by Michael Farr (author of 'Tintin - The Complete Companion').
Moderator Emeritus
#2 · Posted: 17 Feb 2004 18:37
When is the exhibition ?
UK Correspondent
#3 · Posted: 17 Feb 2004 20:53
The exhibition is on from the 31st of March until the 5th of September 2004. Entry to the museum is free for children, £5.00 for adults and £4.00 for concessions. The website to the NMM can be found @ http://www.nmm.ac.uk
#4 · Posted: 17 Feb 2004 23:24
That's great! It would be nice to have a Tintin exhibition in Australia, but that is not going to happen unfortunaetly.
#5 · Posted: 26 Mar 2004 19:46
OK, who's going to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to see the 'Tintin at Sea' exhibition? Excellent article about it in the Independent on Wednesday (I can't find it on their site otherwise I'd link to it) but it looks like it's going to be an excellent show. I'm going to try to get there on Saturday next weekend.

Official weblink http://www.nmm.ac.uk/

Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#6 · Posted: 26 Mar 2004 23:43
I'll definitely be there - it may have to wait until May/June as I'm extremely busy at Uni though. The Independent article sounds interesting - there was one in the Sunday Telegraph a couple of weeks ago - I shall have to try and seek it out.

#7 · Posted: 27 Mar 2004 12:15
I'm certainly going, but I'll probably wait a few weeks until the initial hullabaloo has died down.

By the way - perhaps one for the 'Tintin appearances' section of this site - while rushing through Victoria Station in London a couple of days ago I noticed a magazine (I think just called 'What's On' - probably a London guide) which had a lovely Tintin cover. I would have bought it but my train was there waiting on platform 19. Obviously to do with the Greenwich thing.
UK Correspondent
#8 · Posted: 28 Mar 2004 01:11
I'm going to be going some time over summer, I think ... hopefully have nice weather when I'm down there ! I must say, it looks very interesting, this exhibition. Can't wait !
#9 · Posted: 28 Mar 2004 01:37
If I did not have so many bills to pay this year, I would certainly pack my bags and fly to London now. Last week I spent my air fare to London on a much needed new PC for my home office - oh how I agonised over the decision!
#10 · Posted: 28 Mar 2004 10:30
A friend of mine who lives in Greenwich said she was walking through the museum and saw all the Tintin stuff set up, though the actual section was cordoned off. She said it looked very good indeed!

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