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"Tintin" as BBC "Mastermind" Specialist Subject

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#11 · Posted: 3 Dec 2016 22:09
Thanks for the link, Jock.

Well done Mr. Chaterjee.

I did however beat your score. :-)

Nice to see a name check in there for me though... ;-)
#12 · Posted: 7 Dec 2016 01:23
Yes, Tintin is indeed a very narrow subject compared to a couple of the others on the same night, Eric Clapton and Emperor Hadrian. I'd never heard of Damon Runyon before.
I was able to answer almost all the questions despite not having read a Tintin comic in more than a couple of years. I would have made the questions a jolly sight harder!
#13 · Posted: 8 Dec 2016 15:44
The questions seemed much easier than when Tintin was last a specialist subject on Mastermind back in 2004 (from what I recall of those). I think I remember reading back then in 2004 that the programme's producers had had to be convinced by the contestant that Tintin ("surely just a children's comic" in their eyes) was a sufficiently weighty subject for a Mastermind round, and thus widened the questions to include the historical backgrounds to the books, etc, and slightly obscure, even tenuous facts about Hergé and his circle, etc, such as the one discussed earlier in this thread.

This time, for some reason, almost all the questions seemed to be extremely basic. Almost all of them could have been covered by asking the contestant:

1) Have you read all the Tintin books at all recently?
2) Do you have a memory bigger than a goldfish's?

I don't know whether Mastermind has been made deliberately easier during those twelve years, or if on this occasion the producers asked a different expert to supply the questions and didn't realise how basic they were. It must be hard for a producer with no knowledge of the specialist subjects to gauge how hard or easy the questions are.

Not that I think the contestant did badly to slip up on the one or two he got wrong or didn't know. That was probably down to nerves, and I'm sure I'd be no better in that respect. We're all quiz-show winners from the comfort of our own living room!

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