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New Authorized Tintin Adventure Coming - in 2052!

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#11 · Posted: 24 Oct 2013 09:08
I have mixed feelings about a new authorized Tintin album, albeit many years from now, and even if it's to finish Alph-Art or to do that Day at the Airport story.
Album, novel, or what, will they keep everything in the 20th century or give Tintin "modern" adventures with computers, cell phones, etc?
I mean what kind of adventures would they write for Tintin in 2052 when practically everything in our environment (socially, politically, morally) has changed since his last album?
I know it's impossible to say for sure and there's been no mention of any kind of story already being planned, but Tintin, in my opinion, is really a product of his time and I'd feel quite strange to see him suddenly get out his 35th generaton iPad to plot an itinerary for his next trip to Australia.
On the other hand, it might feel strange to receive a new Tintin adventure in 2052 which would pick up where he left off in the mid-20th Century.
Not to debate whether this is good or bad, just stating my opinion.
My guess is they'd probably try to modernize him and his adventures as Hergé seemed to have tried to do in Picaros.
#12 · Posted: 25 Oct 2013 17:04
If the new Asterix books work, I can see new Tintin stories within 10 years.
It's just the way things happen these days.
#13 · Posted: 15 Jun 2015 15:51
I heard, about a year back, that a new Tintin book is to be published in 2053...
Now, a year later I still haven't hear anything new.
Does anyone have any confirmation on the book being published?
Also does anyone know what the plot of the book will be?
And who is drawing, and writing and coloring it?
I heard a rumor that it will be Tintin and the ThermoZéro... but I'm not sure.
Any information about the book will be appreciated a lot.

Moderator Note: Hi, and welcome! Whew - that's a list of questions! Thankfully they are fairly easy to answer in brief (you'll find out a lot by reading the rest of this thread to which your message has been moved).
The "announcement" that there would be a new book in 2052 was only a possibility being floated as a point in a newspaper interview - there was, and is, no script, artist, colourist, or even a concrete plan that there will actually be a book.
2052 is the year before the copyright in Hergé's work is due to expire, and is also so far in the future as to be beyond the need for specific plans to be in place.
Further confusion is added by the fact that Moulinsart and Casterman started a new stage in their relationship by outlining some options which are being examined - this formed the basis of a panel discussion at the Angoulême International Festival of Comics in 2014.
They talked of a major book on the development of Cigars of the Pharaohs, the possibility that Soviets might be given a colour treatment, and that some unpublished material, such as Le ThermoZéro could be gathered into collections, probably in the manner of Alph-Art.
So while you might get a new book in 2052, and it might be ThermoZéro, it certainly isn't nearly time for announcements of what it is, or who will be doing it (given the timescale involved, it's entirely possible that anyone involved in bring a new Tintin book out in 2052 hasn't even been born yet!).

The Timely Tintinologist Team
#14 · Posted: 20 Feb 2017 12:27
I can't wait! Maybe it's going to be the unofficial Alph-Art!
#15 · Posted: 20 Feb 2017 14:13
Maybe it's going to be the unofficial Alph-Art!

It definitely couldn't be that - if anything is published in 2052 it will, by definition, be official! ;-)
No, to justify the sort of effort which was being talked about (and it was entirely speculation), it would have to be something completely new and unseen before - no one will be excited about a sixty year old piece of fan-art, they will want something original.
It probably will not be something that I will live to see, so it's unlikely that I'll ever know if I am wrong...!

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