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Angoulême International Festival of Comics 2014: A new "Tintin" album in 2017?

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#11 · Posted: 12 May 2014 23:18
News from Paris-Match, via ActuaBD.

A very quick note regarding new information from a Paris-Match interview with Fanny Rodwell, just published, in which she seemingly makes a firm commitment NOT to produce a new Tintin book.

However, the last quotation, Mr. Rodwell's response to a journalist's question regarding a possible future adventure, is far more ambiguous.

A significant problem remains, however, and as they say in French "l'argent est le nerf de la guerre" : if Fanny resists the new book(s) plan, then - over time (and assuming that sales of the Tintin books gradually diminish) - a significant portion of her personal fortune will need to be spent on the upkeep of the museum.

Moreover, read carefully, her statements appear rather curious, not to say contradictory - she aims to respect Hergé's wishes in order to protect the integrity of his œuvre, but seems resigned to the possibility (almost described as a likelihood) that by 2054 no one will be interested in reading it...

Hence the paradox inherent in her position, and which she seems to be expressing in spite of herself: in protecting the oeuvre she will in effect be condemning it to obscurity!

I suspect that this is "acted out" resistance, to be followed by capitulation to the necessity of publishing new books (I won't go into further details regarding finances here...).
#12 · Posted: 24 May 2014 09:46
New interview (in French) with Nick Rodwell

An evasive, if interesting, answer is given to the question of a new book:
Et qu'en est-il d'un nouvel album de Tintin, dont il fut beaucoup question en janvier au festival d'Angoulême ?
Le projet de coloriser Tintin au pays des Soviets est toujours à l'étude avec la piste d'une sortie sous forme d'e-book. Pour ce qui est de Tintin et le Thermozéro, nous avons retrouvé énormément de choses dans les archives. La question préalable à tout projet d'album, c'est de savoir pourquoi Hergé n'a pas été au bout de cette aventure.

[And what of a new Tintin album, which was much talked about at the Angoulême festival in January?
The project to colourize Tintin in the Land of the Soviets is still being studied with the possibility of its release as an e-book. As for Tintin and Thermozero, we've found a lot of things in the archives. But the question to answer before any album project is why Hergé didn't go all the way with this adventure.]

#13 · Posted: 24 May 2014 19:19
Personally, I think that the last issue is answered by the fact that Hergé, at the end of the day, preferred to write his own stories even after asking others to write them for him.
I believe that he would read the commissioned script and then think: "No, this is really not how I imagined a Tintin adventure."
Another examples would be Bernard Heuvelmans and Jacques Van Melkebeke's script for a Moon book.

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