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R.I.P.: Pierre Sterckx

#1 · Posted: 3 May 2015 21:54
Sad to report, the Belgian writer, critic, art historian and long-time friend of Hergé, Pierre Sterckx died yesterday.

Although he wrote on other topics, M. Sterckx was a notable contributor to the burgeoning field of Tintinology, starting with the publication in 1979 of Le Musée imaginaire de Tintin which was the catalogue for an exhibition which became a book from Casterman.

As well as bringing together pictures and information about many of the artifacts Hergé showed in the books, it reprised the "extra" page from Picaros, which had appeared in Cinquante ans de travaux fort gais to show the process for creating a page from pencils to fnished art, complete with an acetate overlay of the black plate to show how the albums were coloured and printed.

He continued to write about Tintin and Hergé into the 21st century, including 2006's Hergé collectionneur d'art, the first study of the paintings and artists which Hergé had collected during his life.

Our condolences and respects to his family and those who knew him.
#2 · Posted: 18 Feb 2017 03:25
For serious students of art, philosophy and psychology and for those readers who want to know more about Herge's deep love of classical and modern art, his book on Tintin as a cultural form is first rate.

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