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Celebrity Fan: John Hodgman talks Hergé, Tintin and Jolyon Wagg!

#1 · Posted: 25 Aug 2015 09:29
Broadcaster, actor and humourist John Hodgman (who some of you may remember of playing "The PC" in the long-running "I'm a Mac" series of adverts for Apple in the States), has a podcast series called Judge John Hodgman, in which he settles disputes about unusual or seemingly trivial topics in a humorous fashion.
In the most recent edition, Episode 223, a problem was sent in from a listener in New Zealand under the pseudonym of "Jolyon Wagg".
Not only did he immediately recognize the name and from where it originated (leading to a brief discussion of whether it would be a letter from the "real" Wagg, or someone using his name), he followed that with a reminiscence of how he loved Tintin's flat, and aspired to it as a youngster.
He displays both a real love for the Tintin books, and a deep appreciation of the work of Hergé, but his pocket summation of the changes in Hergé's attitudes to race and ethnicity over the course of the series is an object lesson in how to deal with those issues.
He also has an unexpected fondness for Jolyon Wagg...!
I'd tell you where to listen, but the whole show is worth it (the Tintin bit is towards the end, if you must skip...).
#2 · Posted: 24 Sep 2015 06:31
Thanks for sharing! The whole episode was funny, but here is my favourite part:

"....and I'm really glad to have gotten this letter from this tertiary character Jolyon Wagg the annoying insurance salesman. Right? 'Cause that's who it's really from, right Jesse, or was it just someone named Jolyon who lives in New Zealand?"

"No I just wanted to hear you talk about the racial politics of Tintin for 20 minutes."


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