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Forthcoming Books: "Hergé le feuilleton intégral" - stories as originally published

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#21 · Posted: 29 Jun 2019 13:06
I'm interested in the Hergé: Le Feuilleton Intégral series.
Alas I can't read the French texts, so not sure it's worth buying it.
I can't see more than 5 of the planned 12 are published. Any clue what happened to that book series?
#22 · Posted: 30 Jun 2019 14:16
Any clue what happened to that book series?

It's still being published - they produce a book every few months; the first came out in late 2015, and it's now the middle of 2019, and we've had five, so more than one volume a year isn't bad, especially as I think they may have moved a volume to later than originally planned to fit the colour edition of Soviets into the release schedule.

Update: Scratch that - it would appear that the series has effectively been scrapped...
#23 · Posted: 2 Feb 2024 11:24
I'm assuming, as it's over four years later, that this did indeed end with just the five volumes being published? Was anything official ever said about it? Thanks.
#24 · Posted: 2 Feb 2024 11:51
Was anything official ever said about it?

Not as far as I know, no. I've read that the death of Jean-Marie Embs (one of the scholars involved in the project) in 2018 may have had an impact on things, but the series was (and potentially still is) suspended pending further information.

It could be that as with many things like this, that M. Embs was the driving force behind the series, or the one with the technical facility to bring it off, and that without him, the parties involved simply found other tasks to engage them.

It's also possible that it simply wasn't cost efficient to do, and that the audience was too small to make it feasible, but I just don't know.
#25 · Posted: 2 Feb 2024 11:57
#26 · Posted: 4 Feb 2024 22:43
One the unpublished serials that would have appeared in the Feuilleton series is the Tintin magazine version of Castafiore Emerald. Last year Casterman instead released that as a standalone book. That tends to suggest the series is over. Maybe they'll now do the same with the likes of 714.

Still, the five published volumes of the Feuilleton together include what I reckon was the most interesting unpublished (or rarely published) material, such as the black and white version of Black Gold, most of the serials from Le Soir, and some curiosities like Dupont et Dupond Detectives.

An exception is the complete Quick and Flupke, which was supposed to appear chronologically, divided among the early volumes. It really surprises me that some of those strips have still never been published since first appearing in the 1930s. But the truth is I can live without Quick and Flupke ...

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