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Auction: "Blue Lotus" full-page panel sells in Shanghai

#1 · Posted: 5 Oct 2015 18:30
The third of the five full-page panels drawn by Hergé for the first black-and-white edition of The Blue Lotus in 1936, and apparently the last page of art for that book still in private hands, was put up for sale in the Shanghai sale-room of noted international auction house Artcurial.

The sale-room estimate was between 8.6 million and 13 million Hong-Kong Dollars (HKD), so the sale price of 9.6 million HKD, while towards the lower-end of the estimates was still comfortably within the target range, showing that there is still a vibrant demand for original works by Hergé in the art market.

Drawn in black Indian ink and white gouache on paper, the scene of Tintin and Snowy sitting in a rickshaw being drawn through the street was only included in the very first edition of Blue Lotus when compiled into book form, and was dropped thereafter.

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