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Auction: The Jean-Arnold Schoofs collection to be sold

#1 · Posted: 14 Oct 2015 13:24
The Sotheby's auction house in Paris have a major BD sale scheduled to take place on October the 24th of October, as the Jean-Arnold Schoofs collection goes under the hammer.
A major figure in the comic-art collection world since the 1980's, Schoofs accumulated a collection which spanned both European and American artists, and owned originals by Hergé, Uderzo and Franquin, Winsor McCay, Milton Caniff and George Herriman, amongst others.
Parts of the collection were sold in 2009 and 2010, but many fine works were retained until now.
Of particular interest to Tintinologists will be the sale of the original B&W version of the spread from "King Ottokar's Sceptre" in which Tintin and Snowy evade destruction by anti-aircraft fire in the stolen fighter.
More about the sale on the Sotheby's site.
#2 · Posted: 24 Oct 2015 20:10
The Ottokar page sold for an amazing €1.65 million this afternoon, setting the record for the sale, and being the second-highest price at auction for Hergé artwork.

Many fine lots sold, including the Winsor McCay Little Nemo and George Herriman Krazy Kat pages as well as a beautiful tabloid-sized page of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, but also a wonderful Jacques Martin Lefranc page, a page of E.P. Jacobs's The Yellow 'M' and another of his early version of The 'U' Ray (an homage to Alex Raymond, which has character design prefiguring Blake & Mortimer).

I've been Tweeting the best of the lots with prices if you subscribe to our Twitter feed; you can also find the complete sale listed on-line at the Sotheby's site.

The sale catalogue can be found as a PDF here.

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