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Quick & Flupke: The latest Brussels BD mural!

#1 · Posted: 12 Nov 2015 18:44
Brussels is a place steeped in the "9th Art" - the world of the comic strip. The love-affair with the form is most obviously exemplified by the many giant murals which occupy gable-ends and otherwise blank walls across the city.

Hergé has been honoured with several of these: travelers on the Eurostar are met by a single large frame of Tintin hanging onto a locomotive, as well as a more pastoral scene of the Marlinspike station. Tintin and the Captain are also seen descending a staircase in a scene to be found in a street near the main square.

Quick & Flupke used to be shown in conflict with Agent 15 on a mural to be found on the corner of the Rue Haute and the Rue des Capucins; however this is apparently no more.

Don't despair however - you can no more keep the resourceful urchins down than the Romans can conquer all of Gaul!

The boys have risen to new heights, and are now to be seen in a brand new mural, apparently building a wall up a scaffolding, on a scene painted in their beloved Marolles neighbourhood. Visit the Rue Notre-Seigneur, at the corner of Rue Blaes and see it for yourself.

If that is not an option at the moment, you can see photos of the new (and the old) on the BD & Fresques website.

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