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Tintin quiz for experts!

#1 · Posted: 14 Apr 2016 12:33
Hi - I've just created this quiz on Sporcle. I would say you need to be very familiar with the books to get 100%! Hope you like it.

#2 · Posted: 14 Apr 2016 13:48
My score was 15/15 in 1 minute 23 seconds.
#3 · Posted: 14 Apr 2016 14:01
Then you are at least as much of an expert as I am! Tell me, was the "hind leg" quote exactly right? My son has squirreled my Ottokar's Sceptre away somewhere so I couldn't check.
#4 · Posted: 27 Apr 2016 09:36
Agh! 11/15... Got all the Castafiore quotes mixed up!

Nice Quiz. It would be fun to have more things like that available... Too bad the Tintin 'Quiz' on here so infamously devolved into contention! Oh, well...

The Tintinologist Team: We're not falling into that trap, thank you! ;-)
As always, if and when we can find the time, resources and means to fairly administer quizzes or games, then we might do something. At the moment, it's on the back burner.
The Tintinologist Team

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