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Tintin makes €1million at auction

#1 · Posted: 1 May 2016 19:34
The French singer Renaud (aka Renaud Séchan) is also a keen collector of comics but recently he put many pieces of his collection up for auction. Those who lived through the prehistoric 1980s such as I would know Renaud for a very unflattering song about Mrs Thatcher.

Among the items was a statue of Tintin and Snowy by Nat Neujean, which sold for €178,600 and the last two pages of the B&W edition of "King Ottokar's Sceptre" which sold for €1 million! Renaud had originally bough it 30 years ago from the widow of the artist Étienne Le Rallic for 100,000 francs (about €42,000 today or US$50,000). Herge had stayed with the Le Rallics briefly during the war.

Other artists did not fare too grandly: works by others such as Hugo Pratt and Jean Giraud (aka Moebius and Gir) made between €38,300 and €67,000. Le Rallic's own work only sold for a few hundred euros and an Asterix drawing by Uderzo only got €4000.

According to Renaud this sale will enable his daughter to buy a flat. The sacrifices parents have to make!

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