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Auction: Bande Desinée Sale at Christie's Paris, May 21st 2016

#1 · Posted: 12 May 2016 11:54
There's to be a sale of comic art at the world-renowned auction-house Christie's, to be held at their Paris branch on the 21st of May, 2016.

Amongst many fine and interesting lots there are of course several from Hergé and his studio.

Perhaps the most immediately striking item is the original pen-and-ink art for page 26 of "The Red Sea Sharks", which features a sequence of frames depicting Captain Haddock's infamous attempt to ride a horse in a somewhat unconventional manner.

This scene is famous for being an occasion on which Hergé and his brother Paul were in amicable accord, as the artist called upon the equestrian knowledge of his younger sibling, and Paul - no mean artist himself - provided a letter with sketches of horses in motion to be used as reference for the Captain's mount.

You can see the artwork and other lots in the catalogue, which is available as a PDF to download.

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