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Auction: Piasa Paris, 24th May, 2016

#1 · Posted: 21 May 2016 17:07
Another large Tintin and Hergé sale is taking place in Paris this week.

The Piasa auction house is devoting a sale to original work and collectibles, including the cover colour scheme for Red Rackham's Treasure, a sketch depicting Tintin, Snowy, Haddock and the Detectives as angels, signed first editions, and many lots of toys, models, magazines and books.

The lots are online, and the catalogue is downloadable as a PDF at the Piasa site.
#2 · Posted: 25 May 2016 15:38
The auction has now taken place, and the prices achieved are on-line.

Notable amongst the lots was a rather lovely drawing done on Studios Hergé letter-head, showing Tintin and friends wishing someone called "Philippe" a happy birthday. This was rendered in pen and ink, and coloured with watercolour, so was a particularly fine specimen, well beyond in quality what one might expect of a drawing done to be given away to a child (Hergé seems to have been tickled that having been asked to do it by Philippe's grand-father, he found that they shared a birthday). This made €38,640.

A somewhat simpler, but no less charming black-and-white ink drawing of Tintin & Cº as a choir of angels, with a dedication by Hergé, Hergée (his wife Germaine), and their cat Thaïke (under the nom de plume Thaï-K'hé, and accompanied by a thumbnail portrait), reached an almost as impressive €27,048.

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