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Hergé Museum: Exhibition of Hergé's paintings

#1 · Posted: 27 Jun 2016 21:03
Hergé is known to have had a passion for modern art and he also painted fine art himself.

I've heard that many comic book artists do so but such work is mainly for relaxation and is often overshadowed by their comics anyway.

The Hergé Museum is currently exhibiting some of these works, along with a recent book, L'Art d'Herge by art critic Pierre Sterckx. There are also some of the sketch work he did for Alph-Art.

Here is a French article on the subject and, if you scroll half-way down, you can see a couple of examples of his paintings.
Further on there are photos of contemporary art which he bought and a bust of him made by his friend Chang Chong-ren.

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