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The Tintin Conference featuring Michael Farr: Leeds Beckett University 13-14.06.2018

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#11 · Posted: 22 Aug 2018 15:31
I'm sorry, but what Tintin's sexuality and gender identity have to do with the adventures in general?

You are taking the thread off in a completely unrelated direction: whether or not a topic, or topics, featured at the event is relevant; even discussing how (if at all) those topics were handled is another.

It might even be tangentially relevant to ask why those topics were addressed or considered, but you are just moving towards debating those topics without any connection to the event which is the point of this thread.

As you say yourself, this is a subject which has already had several airings, so if you feel compelled to discuss it, you should do it one of those threads, rather than here, please.

Likewise, if this is indeed a topic which you don't like, or feel tired of discussing, please feel free to avoid this thread and similar; there are lots of other areas which are waiting discussion and input.
#12 · Posted: 22 Aug 2018 18:13
Could you please tell whether there were any presentations regarding 'Science in Tintin' and whether they were limited to only Calculus' inventions? Was there any discussion about the possibility of his inventions actually taken shape in reality?

Thanks anyway.

Hi Shivam, no there wasn't a presentation on 'Science in Tintin' either. Most of Calculus' well known inventions were mentioned at one point but never discussed.

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