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R.I.P.: Anthea Bell, O.B.E., O.M. - translator of Asterix the Gaul

#1 · Posted: 18 Oct 2018 15:15
Very sorry to hear of the death of Anthea Bell, O.B.E., O.M., a gifted translator of many authors, but famous to comics fans as the genius (with the late Derek Hockridge) behind the English-language "Asterix" books.

"It's all about finding the tone of voice in the original. You have to be quite free", she once modestly said of her translation work.

It is thanks to her that we cold enjoy many fantastic puns, none better than when she gave us the ideal name for Obelix's canine companion; originally the tiny "Idéfix", he became the perfectly named "Dogmatix".


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