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Lake of Sharks: DVD now available in Australia

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#11 · Posted: 18 Feb 2005 09:25
Yeah I noticed the audio problem too. When i used it in a DVD player, it was fine. But when i tried it in a computer with a DVD player, it wouldn't play any sound, except the menu thing.
#12 · Posted: 16 Mar 2005 12:14
The audio is absolutely terrible on my PS2 if I have the amplification on as I usually do, but it is fine if I put it on Standard volume... could the problem be similar for your PCs? I dunno >_>

As for the Volume 1 thing, most likely Volume 2 would be The World of the Inca or whatever it was called. It was made a year or two before The Lake of Sharks and by the same crew. It's basically Prisoner's of the Sun adapted for film with some scenes removed and a couple of new ones added (including the character of the Inca's daughter). Obviously, the Seven Crystal Balls is also in there, but that part of the story is only around 12 minutes long!
#13 · Posted: 17 Mar 2005 06:51
I'm hoping the other volumes are the Belvision ones as well! I know most on here were raised on the new series but for me in the early 1980's I couldn't wait for the next installment of The Black Island!


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