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Only Connect: Tintin question set on BBC2 quiz show

#1 · Posted: 26 Oct 2021 08:24
Another quiz-show appearance for Tintin last night (25/10/2021) on BBC2's Only Connect programme
Contestants in one round were given a sequence of pictures, for which they were asked to identify the theme that linked them...
The pictures were revealed one at a time, and the next was only revealed when asked for by the team captain (for questions like this, they score fewer points the more pictures are shown, and there is a thirty second time-limit in which all pictures can be shown).
The team wasn't able to decipher it, and hands up, I confess I didn't make the connection myself either - but my partner got it!
The photos showed a fish, an equation, a bird and two actors.
The answers were a haddock, a piece of calculus, a snowy owl and actors John Thomson and Emma Thompson, making the theme Tintin characters.
You can see a screen-grab of the photos on our Facebook page, and the episode (Series 17, Episode 16: Ramblers v Data Wizards) itself is currently on BBC iPlayer to watch if you are in the UK and have a TV license.
#2 · Posted: 26 Oct 2021 22:12
Thanks for the synopsis of the question, Simon. I was watching last night's episode, but someone phoned me halfway through it, so I was only half-aware that a Tintin question had been asked from seeing the answer come up with the sound off! I'm not at all confident I'd have made the connection from the clues in the allotted time either, as is often the case with that programme, enjoyably and unashamedly tricky as it is.

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