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Auction: Hergé art for sale - Huberty & Breyne, Brussels, 6th of June 2022

#1 · Posted: 24 May 2022 19:31
Som fantastic lots for Tintin & Hergé fans (with deep pockets!) in the forthcoming Huberty & Breyne June 6th BD sale in Brussels!
A full page of pencil roughs for p.30 of Red Sea Sharks, are made even more interesting by what looks like an unused layout for the bottom half of p.32 on the back of the same board! Each side is also liberally covered with doodles and notations.
Another real treasure is the original inked art for Strip 176 of the newspaper edition of The Shooting Star, published in the "stolen" Le Soir on the 21st May 1942.
This was the next-to last episode, and was dropped from the book edition, so you may not have seen it before. The last two strips - which follow on from the end of what is in the book - are basically all filler material, leading up to the last episode of the story, in which Tintin - having recieved a 'phone call from his editor - introduced the "star" of the replacement story, Baron de Crac (a version of Baron Munchausen), which would take over the slot from the Hergé-penned strip for a period.
On sale in the auction is the 1950 cover art for the 3rd collection of the (mis)adventures of Quick & Flupke, showing the lads under the scrutiny of the local bobby, Agent 15. It really catches the spirit of the characters.
Perhaps the largest item of the Hergé lots, the original artwork for the Belvision animated feature film Tintin et le Temple du Soleil is a striking piece, signed and dedicated by Hergé; it's a studio composition, but Hergé created sketches for the original design.
In many ways my favourite of the Hergé lots on offer is a mid-fifties pencil sketch for the design of an advert to promote the Voir et Savoir Collection books, gathering together the illustrated histories of transport, published in Tintin magazine. It's very loose and charming, and shows how expressive Hergé could be!
There are many other artists represented in the sale, so be aware that it is on view to the public in the run up to the event.
The lots are on display in Geneva this week, before moving to Paris, and then onto the Huberty & Breyne gallery, 33 place du Châtelain 1050 Brussels, where they will be auctioned on the 6th of June at 19:00. Details and catalogue can be found here.
There's also a short video about the auction and the hopes for the price to be realized by the Red Sea Sharks pencil page.

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