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New Game: Tintin Reporter - Cigars of the Pharaoh

#1 · Posted: 5 Sep 2022 07:16
A new game is being developed by publisher Microids and developer Pendulo Studios, in association with Moulinsart, titled Tintin Reporter - Cigars of the Pharaoh. Apparently they are going to adapt the fourth book in the series for the video game with a release date sometime in 2023 and will be available in most major consoles and PC.

The game will be set in Egypt, the Middle - East and South Asia and will feature locations such as the Pharaoh Kih - Oskh tomb, deserts, jungles, ancient temples and more. We will play as Tintin and the gameplay will mostly be exploration, puzzle and dialogue based sprinkled with cinematic video sequences. The blurb of the game runs as:

After meeting with professor Sarcophagus while cruising the Mediterranean sea, the famous Belgian reporter goes on a quest to find the tomb of Pharaoh Kih-Oskh.

What are the dark secrets hidden in the tomb? From Egypt to India, passing through Arabia, Tintin & Snowy will end up investigating a gigantic drug trafficking network throughout the Orient.

Microids also released a brief teaser for the game and a few screenshots which can be viewed here.

Personally I am really interested in seeing the direction they take with this. The game definitely has various locations that it can explore from the book but it remains to be seen how faithful it remains to the original material considering that the story delves into opium trade, madness and executions.

All in all, this is the first video game adaptation of a Tintin story for consoles in more than ten years and the game just needs to follow the spirit of adventure in the Tintin books and make the story atmospheric like the original Cigars of the Pharaoh to stick the landing.
#2 · Posted: 5 Sep 2022 12:03
I love the way the trailer puts emphasis on the E.P. Jacobini sarcophagus. Poor E.P. Jacobs :)
#3 · Posted: 5 Sep 2022 12:06
Thank you for the information! It's something to look out for.
As you say, it's a story with multiple locations, and a strong thread of discovery and adventure to it, which could lend itself to clues and puzzles - finding out how to get into the tomb, possibly decyphering hieroglyphs, even trying to catch the papyrus on the boat could be turned into a game!
#4 · Posted: 5 Sep 2022 16:24
finding out how to get into the tomb, possibly decyphering hieroglyphs, even trying to catch the papyrus on the boat could be turned into a game

It is always intriguing to me how Herge's surrealism is portrayed in other media like films and games due to the added benefits of moving images and sounds. The way Tintin's hallucinations were portrayed in Ellipse-Nelvana's Cigars episode is one of the more interesting ones where the infant hero's cries lent the scene a more of a horror vibe than could possibly be portrayed in the comics. Another example would be the 2011 movie tie-in game with Haddock's dream sequences where outside influences would take bizarre shapes inside the Captain's dreams. For example, when Nestor played Castafiore's songs outside, it would initiate a boss battle between the Captain and a blobbing head of the diva inside his dream.

Taking a cue from the above examples, the upcoming game could have us solve puzzles in Kih- Oskh's tomb in whichever order we want and each sequence could trigger a different hallucination scene and gameplay at the end involving the hieroglyphics and the other characters.

The game is adhering pretty closely to the original material to the point where in one of the zoomed out screenshots that they provided where Tintin looks at all the mummified figures, the hieroglyphics on the wall behind matches exactly with the one in the book. So the hallucination scenes will almost certainly be added into the game and it only remains to be seen in what form. So there's another aspect of this project to look forward to.

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