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Cigars of the Pharaoh: New colourised version of original

#1 · Posted: 16 Oct 2022 14:30
Looks like Moulinsart are going to be continuing the trend of colouring the original books, with a new edition of Cigars of the Pharaoh. Apologies if this is old news to anyone.

The Tintin website is currently publishing news pieces featuring the original Petit Vingtième covers for the story.

Here's the official Casterman page.

Anyone know if this will see an English translation?
#2 · Posted: 16 Oct 2022 17:31
Thanks for the update, blistering_barnacles! Good to know it's on the way.
As to an English translation, well, the results of the previous three volumes has been unpredictable, so while I guess a digital release will be almost certain, if you are looking to have a book version, it's probably worth waiting to hear it officially announced, rather than trying to second-guess what will happen!
#3 · Posted: 18 Oct 2022 09:10
Sounds exciting! I think it will be published in English (and Dutch) as well as French. Is it not the same announcement jock123 mentioned here? Thought we could safely assume that would be the print versions but I could be wrong?
#4 · Posted: 19 Oct 2022 23:50
A couple of days ago, I noticed that the official Tintin YouTube channel uploaded French, German and English versions of a short video promoting the release of this edition on their app.

The English version of the video promptly disappeared, while the French and German versions remain, so I'd hope and suspect a digital English translation is due to be released in the very near future.
#5 · Posted: 20 Oct 2022 10:52
It's now available digitally on the Tintin app. I find it extremely disappointing it's not available in English in a physical format, to be honest.
#6 · Posted: 25 Nov 2022 05:48
Has been available from Tintin Shop Lisbon and Singapore, as well as Sausolito Ferry Cº in California.
Have not checked recently, but believe to be out of stock.
Mikael Uhlin
#7 · Posted: 5 Dec 2022 18:35
I'd like to see a colorized version of Tintin and Alph-Art ;-)

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