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Tintin Magazine: Set to "rise from the ashes"...?

#1 · Posted: 26 Jan 2023 17:43
Following on from LeLombard's 2016 La Grande Aventure du Journal Tintin, the magnificent 777-page volume which both celebrated the magazine, and brought together otherwise uncollected short-stories by many of the Francophone comics greats who had worked for it over the years, word of a second collection being in preparation was given last year.

Volume II, subtitled Escale en France, 1948-88 (Stopover in France, 1948-88) is set to be released on September 8th of this year (2023), and will mark the the 75th of the French edition (and 77th anniversary of the Belgian magazine).

Perhaps of even more interest, the latest information from Le Lombard, also to be found on the RTBF web-site, sys that Le Lombard are releasing a special new edition of the magazine - actually a 400 page special - to celebrate the anniversary, containing new stories in homage to the greats of old, by modern writers and artists.

As far as can be told, this will be a one-off; as the article itself asks - will Tintin himself be present in this anniversary issue?

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