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Professor Calculus: Albert Algoud's biography coming in English!

#1 · Posted: 2 Aug 2023 22:49
Farshore have announced that, in celebration of his 85th birthday earlier this year, the biography Professor Calculus: Science's Forgotten Genius by eminent French Tintinologist Albert Algoud is being brought to English, and published on the 31st of this month.

The official announcement on their website says:
Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of his first appearance in the Tintin classic Red Rackham's Treasure, this book provides an in-depth look at the inventions and discoveries of Professor Calculus and the real-life innovations and people that inspired one of Hergé's most popular characters.

A comprehensive, funny tribute to Professor Calculus, one of the most endearing scientific geniuses in children's literature.

In the same landscape format as the earlier collection covering Captain Haddock and his inventive use of vocabulary by the same author, this should prove a welcome career retrospective of such a versatile man of science: atomic rocketry, astronautics, marine engineering, television brodacasting, domestic appliance fabrication, horticulture - these are but some of the many different disciplines to which the professor turned his unique mind!

If you needed any more incentive to pre-order the book, I must point out that until midnight on Friday the 4th of August 2023 there is a 40% off sale to be had across the Farshore/ HarperCollins website, when you use the discount code SUMMER40 at check-out (NB: I am in the UK, and the code works for me - I don't know if the offer extends outside the UK).

You can also use the same code to buy any of the other Tintin books, including the Captain Haddock title, or the boxed sets of paperbacks or 3-in-1 editions - but you must buy before midnight on Friday!

The references for the Calculus biography should you need them, or prefer to order through a book-shop, are ISBN: 9780008615161 or ISBN 10: 0008615160.

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