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For sale: Tintin Rocket book display carousel

Tony W
#1 · Posted: 19 Sep 2023 14:35
As used in bookstores for displaying Tintin books. It's around 7 foot tall and 2 foot in diameter with Magnet books / Tintin advertising around the nose cone. I am moving house and I simply will not have room for it anymore. It has already gone through several house moves and there are cracks in the legs (rocket boosters) but it does stand fine, and should be able to endure another move provided you have a long enough vehicle to lie it flat in. Presumably the top section must separate from the base but I've never figured out how or been brave enough to try in case it didn't go back together correctly and still revolve. All the display panes are intact, just one has cracks.It needs a good clean as it was relegated to the garage sometime ago, but under the dust it is in good condition, and the top section revolves okay. If you want it you will have to collect it as it is too big and too fragile for a courier. Location - West Bromwich, West Midlands, England. It came out of Waterstones, the Pallisades, Birmingham around 25 years ago (friend worked in the childrens department). When cleaned and loaded with Tintin books it looks fantastic, a great to store and show off your collection - if you have the space.
#2 · Posted: 4 Oct 2023 00:25
Hey Tony - I'd be interested in buying this! How much are you asking for? Thanks!

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