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The World of Tintin Conference 2004

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Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#11 · Posted: 18 May 2004 10:57
I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the conference too - and pretty much agree with what people have posted here. I do agree with Harrock n'roll in preferring the longer cut of "Tintin et Moi" - it's more all-encompassing and doesn't give quite as downbeat an impression. I don't think the slightly forced translation of the subtitles really helped to give a particularly sympathetic portrayal of Hergé either.
#12 · Posted: 19 May 2004 15:49
Read about the WORLD OF TINTIN CONFERENCE. Pity, I couldnt attend it- as I am from India. And I wonder when TINTIN AT SEA would reach the shores of India. It would have been more great had the organisers included Benoit Peeters, author and Tintinologist as well as Jean Pierre Talbot, the actor who played Tintin in BLUE ORANGES and GOLDEN FLEECE to the conference. (I have the actors email ID and address- but am sworn to secrecy to not divulge the email ID). Wonder whether Lonsdale Cooper would agree for a reprint of the translated editions of GOLDEN FLEECE and BLUE ORANGES- a whole new generation would enjoy reading them- since their last publication in 1960's.
Harrock n roll
#13 · Posted: 19 May 2004 16:11
I wonder when TINTIN AT SEA would reach the shores of India

It would take a couple of weeks at least!

A republication of "Golden Fleece" and "Oranges" wouldn't be up to Lonsdale-Cooper and Turner but the publishers, Egmont.

Michael Farr was a good replacement for Benoit Peeters and Jean Pierre Talbot would have been pretty obscure! There is talk to be given in June with Philippe Goddin, author of the book "Hergé and Tintin, Reporters". Could be interesting, but I can't find the details just now. Anyone else have them?

Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#14 · Posted: 19 May 2004 16:16
Benoit Peeters has publicly criticised Moulinsart in the past and is definitely out of favour with them, so an appearance by him at an officially-sponsored Tintin event would be unlikely.
#15 · Posted: 20 May 2004 14:09
I've just read Simon's report on the Tintin conference (articles) and wanted to say I really enjoyed it - a lot of great detail which I'd completely forgotten and which has flickered back into life thanks to the article. I hope you were taking notes - my memory started fading as soon as I got out into the Greenwich late-afternoon sun.

Good job, Simon!
#16 · Posted: 20 May 2004 23:38
That’s very kind of you, Garen! I will be sure to order “Rainbow Orchid” post-haste!! ;-)

My “notes” were a collection of vague scribbles on the back of the programme of events, which I balanced on my knee. I was aware that they would soon mean nothing at all, so I started expanding them as soon as I got in (I didn’t even stop to watch “The Calculus Affair”, which I taped from Channel 5 while I was out!), and it just grew from there. Wish I’d been so industrious when I was a student!

I think I was helped by the fact that walking past the ferry jetty on my way to the station, I saw there was one about to leave, bound for central London; an hour in a boat on the river, in such beautiful weather, reading my Tintin at Sea book and musing over the proceedings was a lovely and appropriate way to end the day, and focused my mind amazingly well!

I do hope that this paves the way for future Tintin events in the UK; not just the exhibitions, but the talks and lectures too. I thought there was a chance that the Tibet exhibition would have headed this way, as the scope of that was deliberately far broader than the Tintin material, covering as it did the political situation, but that seems highly unlikely now. Has anyone any idea how we can lobby for the Incas show to come to Britain?

Chris, I don’t know when the Goddin interview is, but I have a booklet here that says Sunday 13 June 14:00-15:30 has Paul Gravett interviewing Benoît Peeters. Is this in addition to, instead of, or to be replaced by Goddin? It is part of Comica.


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