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Jolyon Wagg: Any fellow fans of the Rock Bottom Insurance agent?

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#1 · Posted: 6 Dec 2005 16:59
Well, after reading a few of the adventures involving Jolyon Wagg, I have realized what a big boon he was to the series.
He adds humour, fun, not to mention unnecessary irritation to Haddock.

Anyone agree...?
#2 · Posted: 7 Dec 2005 02:56
Yes! One of the funniest characters in the series.
Being an utterly selfish character, it's impossible for him to see other people's needs, and as most of us unfortunately know, people with no empathy are just unbearable to spend time with.
But to see Haddock struggling with him...! :-)
#3 · Posted: 8 Dec 2005 12:26
Oh, yes. And the look on Haddock's face when he found him and 'his brood' in Marlinspike! And Jolyon does prove his worth in 'Tintin and the Picaros...'
#4 · Posted: 9 Dec 2005 05:24
Good comic relief. One of my favorite scenes was in "Calculus Affair" when they were in the helicopter and Haddock was trying to call for help on the radio and got Wagg, who thought he was fooling around.
#5 · Posted: 26 Feb 2006 06:52
Yes I love Wagg too! Classic parody of the insurance salesman who won't take no for an answer.
Tintin and Snowy
#6 · Posted: 28 Feb 2006 02:04
Jolyon Wagg is hilarious! He is cheerful almost all the time and is blissfully unaware of how annoying he is. He cheers the comic up quite a lot! Good job, Jolyon!
#7 · Posted: 8 Feb 2019 02:34 · Edited by: Furienna
And he also adds some well-needed humor into the otherwise creepy ending of "Flight 714".
#8 · Posted: 11 Feb 2019 15:49
Well, I am not exactly a fan in its truest meaning of Wagg, but he sure adds a bit of room for Herge to pile on misery on the Captain.

But I do wish we could've got to know more about his uncle Anatole. He seems to be an interesting chap... energetic, intelligent and who had a story which Jolyon remembered matched with the current awkward situation that Tintin and the Captain would be in and more!
#9 · Posted: 12 Feb 2019 03:09
Is Joylon Wagg's company really "Rock Bottom Insurance" in English? In French, and Spanish, it's called "Mondass".
#10 · Posted: 12 Feb 2019 09:24

It is - according to my memory, he says it himself on the page where he introduces himself (and Uncle Anatole!).

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