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Tintin Translations: Based on English instead of French?

#1 · Posted: 7 Jun 2004 14:51
I own a few of the Tintin albums in Hebrew (not all of them are made... mostly only the double-albums, to my knowledge, and even then not all of the sequels), and you can easily tell that the version on which the Hebrew translation in based is the Turner/Lonsdale-Cooper English editions, not the original French ones. (This is clear both from signs left untranslated -- although they're backward, since Hebrew moves right-to-left, so the entire book is in mirror image from the original for consistency's sake -- and from the fact that the places and characters all have their English names transliterated into Hebrew, like Marlinspike, Calculus, etc.)

I was wondering if this is standard for non-European languages. (I figure the German, Dutch, Scandinavian books, etc., probably are translated out of the original). Does anyone have any albums in more exotic languages, or is the Israeli publisher Mizrahi the only one who uses the English as a base?
#2 · Posted: 8 Jun 2004 00:16
The official Chinese edition books are also based on the English edition.

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