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Tintin & Friends: How old are they?

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#151 · Posted: 2 Feb 2021 02:07
Tintin: Although Tintin was supposed to be 15 (I think because of Palle Huld, a Danish boy scout who travelled around the world when he was 15) I consider him to be 17-20 in his early adventures, 21-22 during the Unicorn case, 23-24 by the time he travels to the moon and nearly 30 by the time of the Picarot adventure. Maybe the Soviet adventure is his "Palle Huld moment" and he manages to become a reporter without a degree just because he visited the Soviet Union as a 17-year old boy and wrote a striking report about it.

Haddock: The Captain is around 50 years old. He is a seasoned sea captain, but still has many adventures ahead of him and he is physically very robust, despite the constant whisky drinking. He retires soon after the Unicorn adventure but that is just because of his newly found wealth.

Calculus: I think the Professor is about the same age as Haddock, maybe a bit older, 50+ years old. He seems to be very active in the scientific community and even though he dresses in an old-fashioned way, he doesn't look that old.

Thompsons: I think they are 40. They are senior detectives (albeit very incompetent ones) but they are still sent to field missions around the world.

Castafiore: A bit younger than the Captain, let's say 45. She is clearly a fading star but still manages to score some important opera roles due to her reputation.

Rastapopoulos: 45-50. He just carries himself that way.

Alan: 35. I think you have to be around that age to become a First Mate in a large cargo vessel?

General Alcazar: 40. In a "banana republic", 40-year-old generals/"generals" are common. His eternal struggle against Tapioca doesn't seem to be that eternal anyway, they probably switch places every year.

Nestor: 45. A bit younger than the Captain, although as a butler he is an old soul.

Oliveira de Figueira: 40. Moved to the North Africa/Middle East to escape Estado Novo.

Dr. Krollspel: Has to be around 50, because he was in the concentration camps.
#152 · Posted: 29 Mar 2021 13:58
Makes sense to me, especially General Alcazar: he's clearly an active, healthy adult, and still has a lot of energy in him, that wouldn't be there on a 50 year old man in the 1950s-60s.

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