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Tintin and alcohol

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#11 · Posted: 30 May 2007 12:52 · Edited by: Balthazar
Re ginger beer, waveofplague, yes it's non-alcoholic - Mark was mentioning it as an instance of Tintin avoiding alcohol. (It'll all make sense once you've fully woken up. Have a tot of brandy. )

Re the matter of prohibition and older age limits for drinking alcohol in the US, I think that sort of fits my thesis about teetotalism being a protestant tendency. The more "uptight" attitude towards alcohol in the US might stem from the country's Pilgrim Father/puritan roots.

I didn't know that Finland had prohibition, tuhatkauno; that's interesting. Is Finland predominently Lutheran in religion, or is my protestant-teetotal theory shot to pieces now?
#12 · Posted: 30 May 2007 12:52 · Edited by: tuhatkauno
how do you suppose all those Finnish people survived

By making moonshine and smuggling the booze from Estonia. The first Finnish movie is named "Moonshiners" "Salaviinanpolttajat" in Finnish.


For Baltha:

Finland is a lutherian (83,1 %) country. I'm an orthodox (1,1%), my ancistors lived in Karelia by the lake Ladoga. Your theory about protestant atmosphere is correct.
#13 · Posted: 30 May 2007 13:34
Your protestant/catholic theory is rather good, Balthazar. Even today the difference still exists somewhat, ask any German or Dutch and I´m sure they confirm your theory. Though as Europe becomes more and more secularized it might be just a mental image nowadays, but it still exists.

I think the original question by Mark Falconer is another example of the inner conflicts in Tintin. Hergé was promoting the healthy lifestyle but also kept the stories close to real life. People do drink alcohol, and there´s no use to hide that fact.

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