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Most dramatic moments in Tintin?

#1 · Posted: 20 Jun 2007 22:48
Hi everybody, i'm new on thissite, and i'm glad to see there are still so many fans of Tintin all over the world.

So here's my first topic : what's for you the most dramatic moments in any Tintin's story ? By dramatic, i mean a scene where you could really feel the tension, the thrill, the "danger" in a very emotional way, as you never felt in another story.

For me it's :

- In "Explorers on the moon", when Jorgen managed to untie himself and was about to kill everybody, never a villain in Tintin appeared more ruthless and cold-blooded than Jorgen at this very instant.

- In "Tintin in TIbet", the whole scene when Haddock hangs over the cliff edge. He wants Tintin to cut the rope to save himself, but Tintin refuses, saying that "either they're both saved or they die together." and then Haddock showing a very beautiful side of his personality attempts to sacrifice himself, what a dramatic and emotional moment, one of the greatest scenes of any Tintin's album or maybe in the comic books history.

The last one is my favourite :
-in "Prisoners of the seun" when the Great Inca condemnes Zorrino to be immediately sacrificed, just have a look at the next frame. Tintin tries to protect Zorrino, Snowy looks very menacing and Haddock saying " the first one who touches a hair of that boy's head is a dead duck" sure, he wasn't bluffing and he would really do it !

Those are my favourite moments from Tintin, because for the first times, a situation looked hopeless, and you can note that for each scene, it's a secondary character who helps them to get through the situation (Wolff, Tharkey, Huascar (who gave the talisman)
#2 · Posted: 21 Jun 2007 03:43
Haddock showing a very beautiful side of his personality attempts to sacrifice himself,
Absolutely. To me, that's the most poignant scene in all the books. Afterwards, they carry on as if nothing extraordinary has happened. But Captain Haddock was ready and willing to sacrifice himself for Tintin.
It's quite a touching, and sad, moment. I think the saddest thing the Captain says is, "... Which means we both fall!! That's no good, young fellow." That's the turning point. That's when he decides he'll die to save Tintin.
#3 · Posted: 22 Jun 2007 13:36
The best event that occurs is in Flight 714, the part where Tintin and company get captured by Rastapopoulos, and Snowy escapes the rogues and gun-shots.
That's the most thrilling part - similar scenes will be found only in movies!
#4 · Posted: 25 Oct 2020 02:43
Resurrecting this thread 13 years later – I'd also say when Tintin is tied to a chair in The Broken Ear and the bandits are ready to shoot him but then a lightning strikes. And yes, the whole second half of Explorers of the Moon is pretty tense.

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