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Cameos: Jacques Van Melkebeke - "The Man in Glasses"

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#21 · Posted: 8 Oct 2012 22:05
All I'm saying is that if Van Melkebeke was in the box and was to be identified as such then he would be in profil, like Jacobs and Cnapelinckx, rather than have his head turned.
#22 · Posted: 8 Oct 2012 23:10
if Van Melkebeke was in the box and was to be identified as such

But there's nothing to say that any of the people were meant to be identified, other than by themselves perhaps - they were being used as life models. The people on the right, for example, have been identified, and none has their face "to camera".
Jacobs and Cnapelinckx are in profile because that's the attitude the people in those seats have, not so people could go, "Oh look! It's Jacobs and Cnapelinckx!"

It's fascinating to us, I grant you, and might have been a diversion for a group of Hergé's friends, especially when he put them in Ruritanian uniforms in the court of King Ottokar, but generally they are just being used as set dressing, rather than that he is including these people because they are actual people.

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