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Favorite Tintin book cover?

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#31 · Posted: 15 Jul 2005 14:13
My 3 favourite album covers (in no particular order) are-

* Prisoners of the Sun- Hanging out with the 'jolly zombies'

* Red Rackham's Treasure- The underwater environment and shark submarine, not to mention our man and his dog, are all beautifully realised

* Explorers on the Moon- Herge (plus the Studio) did some of their best artwork with the moonscapes in this album, and the pic of Tintin, Archie and Snowy (looking adorable in his spacesuit) walking on the Moon is particularly evocative
#32 · Posted: 3 Aug 2005 02:10
All the covers are great but the one that really stands out for me is the land of black gold. I dont know i just want to be in that car (if there was room for me, in that whole setting. Plus i like who the reader seem to be looking out the window at the passing group. The seven crystal balls is a good one because it could bring anybody to pick up the book and wonder why there is a man flying in the ear and everyone is shocked looking at it. But the land of black gold is the best, even the title which i assume is oil.
#33 · Posted: 3 Aug 2005 03:32
I'm gonna have to go against the grain and say that I dislike the cover to Rackham; the typeface is wierd - why the italics? (unlike with the Unicorn, where it is a name). I think the submarine is quite childish-looking and makes the story look silly.

I also am really fond of the Shooting Star cover. When I was younger and hadn't read it, I assumed the 'Shooting Star' was the mushroom and was really intrigued. I think it has that effect. Its bizarre - reflects the nature of this album.

I like Black Gold because with the Thompsons wierd hair and bubbles, Müller's ink stains and Tintin's seemingly dazed or accepting yet confused expression, it makes it look surreal and like a dream Tintin is having. Ramona - only now I saw the 'window' on the cover!! I never looked at it that way before - I just saw it as a kind of border. If you hadn't said I would probably never have noticed it. It looks the better for the window - mysterious.

I think my favourite though is Flight 714. I just love those spooky statues, and the fact that Carreidas is stickytaped-up on the mouth!

Unicorn reminds me of the old Rupert the Bear annuals, when there was a story, there would be a kind of front page which showed elements from the story all mixed together - its quite effective.

BTW I always quite liked the 'murky' green on Crystal Balls. To me it looks like a 'paisely,' refined green (if that makes sense).
#34 · Posted: 21 Sep 2005 20:24
For me, it is Destination Moon.

The moon rocket in the fore ground and the guys in the jeep.
#35 · Posted: 21 Sep 2005 23:15
I love the Caluculus Affair cover.

It just pulls you in with mystery and suspense.

Plus, Haddock looks cool (heh).
#36 · Posted: 22 Sep 2005 11:01
My favourite cover is "The Black Island". I love the colours, the artwork and the whole feel.

I completely agree, the scene is really beautiful as is 'the feel'.
#37 · Posted: 26 Nov 2005 11:08
Mine's always been Red Rackham's Treasure, and I suppose it still is, although it's a close run thing between almost all of them!
#38 · Posted: 2 Dec 2005 23:28
My favorite covers are Tintin in Tibet and Explorers on the Moon, but the Black Island is really cool too!
#39 · Posted: 5 Dec 2005 11:07
By favourite is the Broken Ear and the Black Island.
The details in these two covers are simply marvellous.
labrador road 26
#40 · Posted: 10 Dec 2005 09:13
Of all the brilliant covers I would say that Ottokar's sceptre is my favorite mostly because I get some sense of time-travel, that Tintin has traveled to some mysterious castle back in time, although the story doesn't at all happened to be what I thought when I saw the cover.

I also like Flight 714 and the mystic cave with a sense of despair and peril.

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