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Will Moulinsart ever allow people to create Tintin fan works?

#1 · Posted: 21 Feb 2004 10:06
Do you think Moulinsart will ever allow people to make Tintin parodies?
#2 · Posted: 21 Feb 2004 10:23
I'm not really sure if Moulinsart would. In my opinion, it would be great if Moulinsart allowed it; but currently they are ridicously strict with any fans doing even websites on Tintin! I doubt Herge would approve of Nick Rodwell's actions (and him).
#3 · Posted: 16 Oct 2004 08:39
#4 · Posted: 16 Oct 2004 09:26
I don't think they can stop you creating a fan work! In fact under Beligum law you are entitled to make a parody of something. hence there are a lot of Tintin Parody websites but no fanworks sites :)

However what is a parody and what is fan fiction is for the courts to decide I think, and as far as I'm aware nobody has ever taken up the challenge in court when Moulinsart demands a closure of a website.

Harrock n roll
#5 · Posted: 16 Oct 2004 11:22
Moulinsart cannot stop people creating fanworks or parodies. It's the distribution of this material (on the internet, etc) without permission which they are able to challenge.

jockosjungle said: as far as I'm aware nobody has ever taken up the challenge in court when Moulinsart demands a closure of a website

Then you're not aware of the case surrounding Eric Jenot's TintinParodies website which called into question many of the aspects surrounding Mouinsart's charter**. For anyone interested, details on the case can be read here, albeit in French.

EDIT - For those who don't read French (or can't be assed) I've given some details of the case here.

The main thrust of Moulinsart's case against Eric Jenot was that he had used the internet to distribute material without respecting the rights of the authors. Moulinsart were seeking 15,000 euros damages. (possibly even leading to a prison sentence?) Eric J had argued that the accused site was only one the many which contain parodies and pastiches and was intended for fans of Hergé's work to take part "in the continuation of the adventures of Tintin in the form of a parody, stripped of mercantile" spirit.

TintinParodies was composed of two parts, the first freely accessible to any Net surfer, the second, called Canal RG, accessible to the members of the forum provided with a password. The final ruling was that the site did contain reproductions of the work of Hergé "of an obviously illicit disorder" and he was fined 1500€ plus 2000€ costs, so he got off relatively lightly.

** = the English-language version charter referred to above exists no longer; the French version can be found at http://www.tintin.com/home/legal/droits.html
(05 Jan 2015)
Belgium Correspondent
#6 · Posted: 16 Oct 2004 15:27
I can just add that Eric Jenot closed his site after the first letter of Moulinsart. That's maybe the reason why he got off so "lightly".
#7 · Posted: 3 Aug 2011 22:51
It seems that a new law will be introduced in the UK which will allow the parodying of famous works. The idea is that if, for example, you make a video that pokes fun at the latest Lady Gaga hit, you'll be able to put it up on Youtube without fear of prosecution.

It's possible that this might extend to parodies of comics as well.

Details are here.
#8 · Posted: 10 Oct 2011 17:59
Harrock n roll:
For those who don't read French (or can't be assed)

Can't be assed??? What exactly were you trying to say? Whatever it was, you didn't say it, unless you were trying to be insulting.

Moderator Note: Steady on! Given that the comment was made seven years ago, and nobody else has raised an eyebrow either then, or in the intervening years, perhaps it could be assumed that it wasn’t meant as, and hasn’t been thought to be, insulting?
What it means is a colloquial way of saying that someone can’t be bothered; so the post is saying that if you can’t read French, or, if you can, but you can’t be bothered to make an effort to do the translation yourself, Harrock has supplied the details. Sorry if you found the comment not to your taste, but please don’t worry that someone was trying to be insulting.

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