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Your Favourite "Tintin" Books?

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#1 · Posted: 27 Mar 2004 04:35 · Edited by: picaros
Just to add a some pizzazz to the website, what is your favourite book? What would be your top ten Tintin albums?
Here's my "Top 10" (in no particular order):

The Black Island
King Ottokar's Sceptre
Cigars of the Pharaoh
Prisoners (or Temple) of the Sun
The Calculus Affair
Secret of The Unicorn/Red Rackham's Treasure
The Blue Lotus
Tintin in Tibet
The Broken Ear
Flight 714

Anyone care to divulge theirs?
#2 · Posted: 27 Mar 2004 06:25
My favourite Tintin's in order:

1. The Calculus Affair (all time favourite) (great espionage thriller)
2. Flight 714 (great adventure)
3. The Seven Crystal Balls (great eerie atmosphere and mystery)
4. Tintin in Tibet (great humanity?)
5. Prisoners of the Sun (great adventure)
6. The Secret of the Unicorn (great mystery adventure)
7. The Red Sea Sharks (great adventure thriller)
8. The Blue Lotus (great mystery thriller)
9. The Broken Ear (great mystery thriller)
10. The Black Island (great atmosphere)

(by the way you have 11 books there picaros) :-)
Moderator Emeritus
#3 · Posted: 27 Mar 2004 11:24
Well...not an easy list to make, but I'll try. :)

1. The Red Sea Sharks: it's got adventure, mystery, humour, action, and lots and lots of great characters.
2. The Calculus Affair.
3. Hmm...dunno after this. Can't make up my mind.

So much for that! :/

Harrock n roll
#4 · Posted: 27 Mar 2004 13:15
Mine are:

1. The Seven Crystal Balls
2. Prisoners of The Sun
3. The Crab with the Golden Claws
4. The Calculus Affair
5. The Secret of the Unicorn
6. Red Rackham's Treasure
7. Tintin in Tibet
8. The Blue Lotus
9. Land of Black Gold
10. The Broken Ear
#5 · Posted: 27 Mar 2004 23:39 · Edited by: picaros
Glad you noticed, tintinrulz. I usually don't like separating or comparing "two-parter" books because I didn't think that one album would have enough substance without mentioning its sequel/prequel, so I just decided to tie them together
UK Correspondent
#6 · Posted: 28 Mar 2004 01:09
Mine would have to be :

1. Tintin in Tibet
2. The Seven Crystal Balls
3. Prisoners of the Sun
4. The Blue Lotus
5. King Ottokar's Sceptre
6. The Black Island
7. The Calculus Affair
8. The Secret of the Unicorn
9. The Red Sea Sharks
10. The Broken Ear
Moderator Emeritus
#7 · Posted: 28 Mar 2004 09:22 · Edited by: tintinuk
1. The Calculus Affair
2. The Seven Crystal Balls
3. Prisoners of the Sun
4. The Blue Lotus (I know it's a high position, I just really enjoy it !)
5. Tintin In Tibet
6. The Crab With The Golden Claws
7. The Broken Ear
8. King Ottokar's Sceptre
9. The Secret of the Unicorn
10. Land of Black Gold
#8 · Posted: 20 Apr 2004 11:00

What is my favorite book?

I do like all of them but I like Prisoners of The Sun in particular as I am fascinated about how Tintin used an eclispe to prevent he and his friends from being killed.
#9 · Posted: 20 Apr 2004 12:28
I've been trying to join in with this thread since it began, but just can't come up with a clear-cut top ten.

So my answer is more that it depends on what kind of 'Tintin mood' I'm in. I have a great fondness for the just-pre-war books, Black Island and Ottokar's Sceptre. I also love the 'Big Adventures' - the double-book stories, probably Red Rackham and Unicorn just topping the others... but only just. The Shooting Star is also a regular favourite. Sometimes I'm more in the mood for the slightly more complex nature of the later books, Calculus Affair and Tibet standing out, but then so too do Castafiore Emerald and Flight 714.

Probably the ones I have read least are Moscow, Congo and Picaros. I do like Picaros, and Moscow is great fun to browse through every now and then.

Well, there's my overly-long answer!
#10 · Posted: 22 Apr 2004 10:53
Your choices are well chosen!

My top can be many, but I think that Tintin in Tibet is outstanding, due to its demonstration of strong friendship.


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